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Founded in 1976, Sheng Chun Enterprise Co., Ltd. has established the solid foundation for Sheng Chun persistently provides the best product and service to our customers. Although Sheng Chun confronted many challenges and trials, we are able to turn crises into opportunities and keep moving forward prosperously.

Sheng Chun pursues long-term businesses based on product development and quality assurance. We are mainly serving three categories including:
* Standard Mold Parts
* Aluminum Die Casting products
* Micro Injection Molding

Standard Mold Parts

Sheng Chun produces various mold parts including injection pin, guide pin, angel pin, and other mold accessories in Taiwan. In addition, Sheng Chun is an exclusive agent of CUMSA in Taiwan since 2002.

Die Casting products

Sheng Chun manufactures numerous die casting products more than 30 years including various auto parts (brake lever, bar holder, gasket, fuel pump part, oil cup cap), meter case, solenoid valve, etc.

Micro Injection Molding

The combination of innovation, processing, and expertized tool making together makes up the elements of micro injection molding. Sheng Chun is able to manufacture the micro injection parts consistently and precisely either prototype or high-mix/low volume orders with competitive prices. Currently, we have successfully developed a series of PEEK micro screws from M1.2 to M1.7 including pan head, flat head, and other customized types. Those PEEK micro screws are definitely suitable for semiconductor, medical application, chemistry, optoelectronics, food device, pharmaceutical industry, auto parts, and aviation industry.

Micro PEEK Gears
Sheng Chun has manufactured a series of micro PEEK gears for several applications of micro gear pump including high pressure and demanding metering tasks in the field of chemical processing and micro reaction technology, within the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

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